Principal's Corner

Tri-County Early College has always been about helping students unlock their potential
and we believe that the best way to do that is for students to develop a growth
mindset. Students with growth mindsets believe their intelligence, talent, and skills
can always improve. They work hard, they fail, they learn from their mistakes, and
therefore, they grow. They become better prepared for the world and more confident
of their place in it.

So for TCEC, it is not about teaching students what to think. Instead, it’s all about
teaching students how to think. Answers are easy to find in today’s technological
world. It is no longer about just finding answers; it is knowing what to do with those
answers once you find them. This process of learning is harder, but our students
and faculty understand that hard is good. The more challenges faced in thinking, the
stronger our brains grow. The things that were once hard become easier. The struggles
lead to deeper learning.

Too often in today’s educational institutions, we see a fixed mindset that believes intelligence
is set and cannot grow or change. This has led to a test-taking generation
who gauge their inherent intellect and worth based on test scores and grades. Tri-County
Early College knows that our students need to become lifelong knowledge
seekers, not one-time regurgitators of information for a multiple choice assessment.
We know that never failing or struggling means not growing and not learning.

The greatest lesson we want to teach our students is this: “If you want to do something
worthwhile, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. There will be failures and setbacks,
but you must use those as steps to your ultimate goal. Understand that
strength, resilience, and perseverance will be needed on your road to success. Hard
work, strategy, communication, and the use of resources will empower you to become
who you want to be. And we believe that with the skills you learn at Tri-County Early
College, you can truly change the world.”

Alissa Cheek