Innovative teaching and learning based on best practices in education will characterize Tri-County Early College’s academic program. We strive to provide a project-based curriculum that is based on an interdisciplinary/thematic approach to the core class requirements. Teachers are dedicated to participating in professional development to strengthen their teaching practices in order to optimize learning for all students.

TCEC will first and foremost provide students with access to courses needed to earn a high school diploma.  Students meeting all benchmarks and gateways, such as Accuplacer scores and competency level in all prerequisite classes, will be allowed to enroll in college classes as goals are met. 

There are three general pathways to graduation at Tri-County Early College: 

(1) H.S. Diploma + College Credits in 4 years;
(2) H.S. Diploma + 2 year Associate’s Degree in College Transfer in 4 years;
(3) H.S. Diploma + Associate’s Degree in 5 years (recommended).  

The purpose of the Early College program is to help students earn as many college transfer credits as possible in preparation for enrollment in a four-year university, therefore all students will automatically be enrolled in the College Transfer pathway as entering freshmen. If a student finds it necessary to repeat a college course, the cost to do so may be covered by a student and his/her parent.  TCEC guarantees funding for one attempt only.


High School Graduation Requirements
Future-Ready Diploma + Minimum UNC Admission 

4 English Courses
4 Math Courses
4 Science Courses
4 Social Studies
2 Foreign Language Courses
1 Health/PE
Specified Electives