• A rigorous and relevant course of study - most high school courses are Honors level and college courses start from day 1.

  • A significant focus on hands-on, project-based, integrated instruction, with built-in tutoring.

  • A strong emphasis on job shadowing / career development throughout their high school career.

  • A unique Global & Community Perspective.

  • Instruction from a highly dedicated group of professional teachers, with strong educational and workplace experience.

  • Only have your child attend TCEC if he/she wants a different kind of education.

  • Parents and students are responsible for expenses related to second attempts on required college classes and non-required college classes.

  • Attend students-led parent/teacher/student conferences on a biannual basis.

  • Support off-campus student immersion activities.

  • Provide transportation when Clay or Cherokee County buses are not running, on "Extended Day" (every Tuesday afternoon), and when your student needs after-school academic support.

  • Support student fund-raising activities
Students and parents can view school policies, calendars, and other expectations in the Student Handbook