Mr. Jason Forrister

Life truly is the process of becoming, and a school with an engaging, inspiring culture ranks among the best places to help young people pursue their brightest tomorrows, realizing the true potential they possess. As a student in transformative classrooms at Ranger Elementary and at Murphy High, I found my motivation to serve the students of Cherokee County as an educator. Graduating from Western Carolina University in 1999 as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, I began my teaching career at Murphy High School. After taking a short break from teaching to pursue a master’s degree in New Orleans, I returned to Murphy High where I served as an English, French, and global studies teacher until I became the assistant principal and then principal. I count nearly 20 years at Murphy High as some of the most rewarding of my career.  In January 2021, I joined the faculty and staff of Tri-County Early College as principal. The opportunities to work with the driven, goal-oriented, and community-minded students, faculty, and staff at TCEC bring new dimensions of challenge and reward to me every day.  With the upcoming opening of the Cherokee County Schools of Innovation, the new home for Tri-County Early College, the future continues to be bright for TCEC’s students to pursue their goals and aspirations with the full support of resources, programming, local and international partnerships, and dedicated faculty, staff, and families to encourage them in their process of becoming even more amazing young people.